Christmas Reading Rewards

Ask your classroom teachers about Christmas Reading Rewards! Special treats await those students who have shown that they have bought into doing SSR each day at LTSS.



Why SSR?

Why SSR (Reason #17 of 3,487,659): Escape.  Reading gives you a little bit of time to escape from this world.  Maybe you are having a tough time and just need a break from your worries.  Reading, especially reading fiction, allows you to escape from this world for a short time and explore new worlds of wonder, mystery, excitement and fun.  You can’t hide from your problems. It isn’t healthy to look for a constant escape from this world. But everyone could use a little escape now and then.  Reading is a healthy and revitalizing way to do it!

source: CC2.0 Craig Freeman
source: CC2.0 Craig Freeman / Flickr

Christmas Reading Rewards

HPIM0973.JPG Do you love reading and do you demonstrate that each day during SSR?  Ask your teacher about Christmas Reading Rewards! You might be lucky enough to come down to the library this week for some tasty Holiday Treats, a warm drink, some Christmas music, and, best of all, some silent reading time!