Robbie Burns Day


The beloved Scottish poet was born on this day in 1759. From Scotland to all parts of the world where you will find people with Scottish roots,”Burns Night” is not just a celebration of the man, but also of Scottish heritage.

“‘Burns Night‘, also termed a ‘Burns Supper,’is a celebration of the life and works of the poet Robert Burns; Scottish by birth and held in fond regard by Scots all over the world, his life and poetry speak to the struggles common to all people. It is an evening of food, drink, entertainment, and friendship.  It is an event that transcends time, geographical borders, political, and religious beliefs to bring people together in celebration of the everyman.” (From

For more information on Robbie Burns and “Burns Night”:

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Robbie Burns Tribute


Poetry Slam!

jrslamWe at the School Library Learning Commons were thrilled to host the 1st Annual Poetry Slam today at lunch.  Today the Junior category took place before a small but enthusiastic crowd! The poets shared some wonderful words with us.

Tomorrow at the lunch the Senior Poetry Slam features many more poets.  We are expecting that will also mean an even bigger audience.  Join us tomorrow at lunch for another Poetry Slam!