International Games Day @ Your Library

Today the School Library will welcome students for the 5th Annual IGD@YL event at Lord Tweedsmuir.  These students, boys and girls, Grade 8 to 12, will come from all over the building, representing subjects across the curriculum.  The students here are gathering with thousands students all over the world today, and thousands and thousands of people in public libraries all over the world tomorrow.  We celebrate the  educational power of games and gaming, especially the too often overlooked wonder of board games, table games and other “face to face” social games. Come down to the School Library today to check it out!igd_logo



International Games Day @ Your Library

Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe have participated in IGD@YL over the years. Public Libraries and School Libraries from all seven continents have joined in to celebrate the educational power of games, and have a blast while doing it!

Participating Libraries 2016
Participant Libraries in 2016 (with more to sign up in next few weeks)

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IGD@YL 2015

Over 500 kids had the chance to come down to the school library for a fun day of board games as we observed International Games Day @  Your Library. Thanks to all the kids who participated, and to all the teachers who brought classes in: Ms. Mason, Mr. Fournier, Ms. Overgaard, Mr. Jones, Ms. Dry, Ms. Saini, Ms. Smith, Mr. Lewis, Ms. Nicholls and Ms. Konradova.  Games on the tables today included Monopoly, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Chess, Taboo, Outburst, Settlers of Catan, Nowhere to Run, Cathedral, Stratego, Backgammon, Apples to Apples, The Game of Life,  Blokus, Things, Balderdash, Tribond, In Pursuit, Ticket to Ride, King of Tokyo, Mastermind and more!

IGD@YL 2015
IGD@YL 2015

Games Day: Board Games

IMG_0457International Games Day @ Your Library is coming up!  Public Libraries around the world will be celebrating on Saturday, November 21st.  Meanwhile School Libraries will observing the day tomorrow, Friday, November 20th.

Join us as we celebrate the immense educational benefits of gaming, especially the under-appreciated value of board games. The vast majority of our students are experienced with video games.  But for too many students today, they grow up unfamiliar with board games and the amazing rewards that come from board games.

Along with being fun, board games can be educational and can contribute to the development of valuable life skills.

IGD, library 048Read more about the benefits of board games:

International Games Day @ Your Library!

Friday, November 14 was International Games Day @ Your Library. Nearly 400 Lord Tweedsmuir students joined in with students in school libraries all over the world on Friday, and public libraries on almost every continent on Saturday, to celebrate the educational power and lasting fun of games!

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Thanks to the following teachers for bringing your classes in: Ms. Mason, Mr. Solari, Ms. Kim, Ms. Overgaard, Mr. Masi, Ms. Kim, and Ms. Stea.


IMG_0091[1]Thanks to all the students and staff who joined us in the school library to celebrate International Games Day @ Your Library. Over 300 people came in at some point during the day to play games.  Together we celebrated the tremendous educational power of gaming, and especially the unique advantages of board games, table games, party games and other social games. We hope that you continue to play games throughout the year. Come down to the library to play games, or even to borrow our games to play at home with your family.

International Games Day @ Your Library!

IMG_0456Today we celebrate International Games Day @ Your Library!  We are looking forward to the many different classes, representing all grades and from across the curriculum, that will be joining us for all sorts of board games, table games, card games and more.



What are your favourite board games?

IMG_0457What are your favourite board games?  We can use the term loosely, to include all sorts of table games and party games.   Here are some of my favourites:

What are some of your favourites? Leave a comment to let us know!

International Games Day @ Your Library
November 15, 2013