How to use our catalog to find eBooks AND how to download them onto your personal device.
A. Find an eBook

  1. Enter your school’s library catalog.a1
  2. Sign-in with your district Username and Password. (The username you use for signing onto any windows computer in the school.)a2
  3. Search for a title, subject or other criteria as you would for any other book or other resource.a3
  4. Follett eBooks will appear in the search results with a unique material type icon. a4ba4
  5. If you wish, you can restrict your search to Follett eBooks. Limit to the “Electronic Book” material type and check the “Limit to Follett eBooks” option box.a5
  6. Select a title from the results and click the button beside the results citation, to be connected directly to the digital item on your school’s FollettShelf.a6
  7. Or if you’ve viewed the record first, select “Open” on the right side of the title display, to be connected directly to the digital item on your school’s FollettShelf.a7
  8. The eBook will open for viewing in your browser so that you can read it right there on your laptop or desktop computer.a8

B. Download the eBook
The following instructions will work for downloading to an iPad or other IOS device. You may need to follow different steps for a different device.

  1. Find and download the Follett BryteWave app. This is available for free on the App Store. Detailed instructions for downloading and configuring the app can be found here.b1
  2. Open the BryteWave appb2
  3. Sign in with your Surrey Schools account username and password. Choose our school from the drop down list. You may need to use our school’s FollettShelf identifier: wbb24875b3
  4. Choose your book from the “My eReader” tab.b4a b4b
  5. If your borrowed books do not appear, click on the sync buttonb5
  6. Open your book and select “Download this title” when promptedb6
  7. Once the download is complete, you can read the entire book on your device, even if you are offline.b7

C. After reading

  1. Be sure to return the book when you are finished. You have the book for 10 days. At the end of 10 days it will be automatically returned and deleted from your device.
  2. If you wish to renew it, you will need to come into the library. Otherwise, you can take a chance on returning it, then checking it out again. (Keep in mind, if it is on hold, you might not be able to renew.)

If you have any questions, ask a member of the Library Team in person, or contact your Teacher-Librarian.