Return Your Books!

Dear Students:

All library materials are now overdue.

Please return them.


Your School Library



Controversial School Board Policy

In a controversial decision made over the March Break, the Surrey School Board voted to require that all schools must display, alongside the current portrait of our Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, portraits of the following:  US President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladmir Putin, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim-Jong-Un and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  All Elementary and Secondary  Schools are required to be in compliance with this order by April 5, 2019.


School Library Day

Today is the most important day of the year.
Today is School Library Day.
October is International School Library Month and Canada Library Month. Very cool.
But today is the Day.
Celebrate the “Most Awesome Place on Earth.”
Come down to your School Library and enjoy the awesomeness.
What is so awesome about the School Library?

Other words or phrases to add to this word cloud? Please submit a comment below.

What do you want to read?

We take requests.  We take your requests very seriously.  We want to help you find books that you want to read.  Let us know what you are looking for.

Non-fiction subject?  Sports? Computers? Rap? Fly-fishing or fashion or skateboarding or painters or the environment? Or any other  subject? Let us know.

Fiction?  How about sci-fi, horror, young adult, historical, romance, suspense, fantasy…? What kind of stories do you like? Let us know.

Do you have authors in mind that we don’t have?  Titles in mind that we don’t have?  Maybe a series where we are missing the latest entry?  Let us know.

Come in to the School Library and ask for our Request Sheet at the front desk. Or, go here to fill out our online request form.