Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year! Be sure to come visit us soon to see what is happening in your school library in 2020.


Reading Room

Looking for a comfy, quiet place to read?
Come to our Reading Room in the School Library.









October is International School Library Month
and Canadian Library Month.

What do these books have in common?

What do these books have in common?

These were six of the Top Eleven Most Challenged Books in 2018, as reported by the American Library Association Office for Intellectual Freedom.  These are also books you can freely borrow from your School Library.  Exercise your rights and freedoms, and celebrate the joy of making your own choices about what you want to read.   Find out more about Banned Books Week.



Buck the Library Duck.

Why is he called Buck the Library Duck?

Well, Buck is a Duck.

Buck lives in the Library.

He is a Duck who lives in the Library.

He is a Library Duck with the name of Buck.

So, you see, it is an appropriate moniker, Buck the Library Duck.

Controversial School Board Policy

In a controversial decision made over the March Break, the Surrey School Board voted to require that all schools must display, alongside the current portrait of our Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, portraits of the following:  US President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladmir Putin, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim-Jong-Un and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  All Elementary and Secondary  Schools are required to be in compliance with this order by April 5, 2019.